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2024 Windfest Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

We thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Windfest for April 4-7, 2024. There will be some changes for the event and below you can find all the information you will need.

Windfest Rules Governing Vendor Booths 2024

Exclusivity: Absolutely no rights to exclusivity are granted or implied to exhibitors at this festival. Every effort will be made to keep similar or like crafts separated in different areas.

Sales Tax: You must have a state sales tax permit to participate in the festival, and you are responsible for the payment of any applicable sales tax incurred while at the festival. You will be required to produce your permit at any time during the weekend.

Electricity: Every effort to secure power to your booth will be made provided you select electricity on your vendor signup sheet. Any booth will not exceed 500 watts or 4 amps per booth (example (5) 100 light bulbs).  You must use fluorescent bulbs and recommend you use energy saver light bulbs. You may not use halogen or iridescent bulbs. Please bring your own 100v extension cords with grounding prong-they are not provided and only one item at a time can be plugged into the cord. Additional power needs will be assessed and charged additionally according to the need.

Fire Extinguisher: Food Vendors and Food Trucks must bring a 5 lb fire extinguisher and have it accessible at your booth for safety purposes. (Not applicable for Market Vendors)

Security: Continuous security patrols are provided during festival hours and overnight hours. All Vendors must bring down their own tent sidewalls. If you need assistance, please contact someone at the information booth. It is unacceptable to leave without rolling down your tent sidewalls and leaving your items exposed as well as your neighbors.

Insurance: It is highly recommended that you carry the appropriate insurance to protect yourself against loss, injury, or property damage. We will not be responsible for any theft, loss, or damage of merchandise, property, or equipment, either by natural or unnatural causes, such as theft, fire, flood, wind, rain, or any other cause whatsoever.

Merchandise: Our sponsoring entity has the right to accept or reject any application and reserves the right to refuse duplicate merchandise being offered by another vendor. All applications will be reviewed and accepted on those guidelines.  If you have listed items that are not accepted you will be notified if any items are not acceptable. Should you try to sell the non-approved items, you will be asked to cease and if you choose not to abide, then you will be asked to leave the festival. No items may be sold unless first approved by our office. All merchandise must be sold from your booth (no peddling or selling your wares in the crowds or away from your booth including calling/shouting to the crowd from your booth).  No marketing or online items can be sold or solicited at the market.

Conduct: Foul language, profanity, or other rude behavior is not permitted.  Possession or consumption of drugs is not allowed.  Those in violation will be removed from the area and no longer allowed to be a vendor at Windfest. Please remember this is a family friend event and we reserve the right to challenge any violation that doesn’t fit into that parameter.

Cancellation:  No Cancelations are allowed.  We do not refund.  Our festival runs rain or shine.  If for some reason the festival is cancelled, there is NO refunds.

Food Product: If you are selling food / food mixes or offering food samples, you must have appropriate documentation from Health Department prior to event.  All food vendors must meet all health requirements in San Patricio County.  Food and food products of “Cottage Food Producers” may be sold in day vendor booths, if product is premade and packed according to the procedures required.  You may NOT have any HOT equipment in this area for food to be kept warm or prepared.  If you wish to cook or keep things warm, you MUST be a food vendor.

Food Vendor may sell drinks, but they must be purchased through the chamber at the festival.  Please inquire about pricing.

Vendor Hours:
Market Day Vendor Booths must stay open and manned until vendor hours are over, no exceptions.
Friday: 5 pm - 10 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 10 pm
Sunday Noon - 6pm

Food Vendor Booths must remain open full festival hours, no exceptions.
The open festival hours are
Thursday 5 pm - 10:30 pm
Friday 5 pm - 11:30 pm
Saturday 11 am - 11:30 pm
Sunday Noon - 6:00 pm

Vendors will not be allowed on grounds to load up until after 7 pm on Sunday, AND all guests are off the festival grounds. Do not attempt to drive on festival grounds until a Windfest Representative opens gate.

Setup/Site access: You will be emailed Vendor information prior to the event. Packets must be picked up at the Chamber offices located at 1211 US Hwy 181, Portland, TX  a week PRIOR to arriving at the event location.   All Retail Vendors must be set-up BEFORE opening on Friday or will be denied entry.

Security: Our festival is fenced and continuous security patrols are provided during the festival hours as well as overnight. Your merchandise must be completely underneath your booth and behind the tent walls to permit a better visual access by patrolling officers. Please contact someone at the information booth is you have any concerns.

The Windfest grounds are located at 2000 Billy G Webb Drive, Portland, TX.

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