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    Thank you for your interest in Leadership Portland. The Portland Chamber of Commerce and local employers invest in Leadership Portland to ensure there continues to be prepared leaders for our community. By recognizing the need for educated leaders, we are all committed to the future…which starts now! Please take time to consider your participation in the class. It does require a commitment, but the time spent during the program will be a benefit to you and to our community. You will find details about the program in the application. If you would like further information, please contact the Chamber at 361-777-4650.

    Leadership Portland is a respected program committed to educating, training and motivating existing and emerging leaders to build more effective skills for the benefit of Portland and our surrounding communities.



    Program Goals:

    • To train visionary leaders through studying the history, education, local government,   law enforcement/judicial system, economic development factors and media. 
    • To train visionary leaders for higher level leadership roles in the community.
    • To provide opportunities for participants to develop lasting relationships among community leaders.
    • To encourage participants to actively participate in future activities which contribute to the growth and betterment of the Portland Community. 


    Leadership Portland is designed to be a learning experience and requires attendance at each leadership class. The opening session is mandatory for all participants in order to graduate from the program. More than one absence from other sessions will result in you not graduating from the program. Tuition is non-refundable after you begin the program.

    Each participant must have the support and approval of his/her employer to participate.

    Investment in the nine month program is $600 for Portland Chamber Members and $650 for Non- Members, which can be paid by the individual and/or their employer. The fee covers all program expenses including materials, hand-outs, and any special arrangements that may be required.

    Each participant will be required to play an active and energetic role in each session and is required to actively participate in the class project which may include physical labor, fund raising and other activities.


    As Community Leaders, you will:

    Develop and enhance your leadership Skills.

    Develop and enhance your Management Skills.

    Develop and enhance your Public Speaking Skills.

    Learn more about the key issues facing our community.

    Develop relationships with other leaders in the Portland Community.

    Make a difference in the future of our community.

    Be a leader rather than a follower.


    Please email admin@portlandtx.org for more information.